Friday, May 8, 2015

Overview of 2min Presentation

To show my topic, I think I may use a website, by either coding it or using weebly. I will cover to overall view of what my who topic is about, why it's important, and what I plan on talking about In the actual presentation. 

Searching for Answers

Through research, some of the questions I have thought of have been answered, although some haven't been either. I have learned that some good courses I can take that central has to offer would be the Webpage and Java courses which are good electives to get a good basis on coding. I have found that Udemy was a good app or website that really starts you off at a good pace and continues to teach harder stuff as you go along.  If I needed advice, whether that's for coding errors or any questions I have now, I could go to Mr.Ford or one of my dad's good friend who is doing the same thing I want to be in the future. The salary for the job was on average 90,000, which is a good supporting salary. For now, I have also turned my attention to a few friends who are making a business of making longboards, and they've needed a website to better advertise or show they're product. I've been talking and seeing about working together with another friend of mine to create a simple website until they are ready to go and pay for a very professional one. Still after all this
time, I think I'm going to stick with this passion.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Things to do for school and questions.

If I would want to include my passion to better help the school, maybe there are certain apps they are looking for about certain subjects that they would want help creating. A website could also be just as important for a teacher that would like to have one for a certain subject of their wanting. My goal would be to create entertainment and, or education through apps or websites to better help the school community. What I want to get from this is a better understanding of what I want to do for my future and whether or not I want to pursue this as my future job. The questions I'll be trying to answering are listed below.
How would I go coding an app/game?
Any apps to help with my passion?
What colleges are best for this?
What future classes should I take?
How many years of college to get a good job in that?
Anyone I know who could give advice?
What are the job opportunities for this?
Will the salary support me?
Any websites or apps the school wants made?
Any contests for HS Students?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Passion

Out of all the things one might choose to persue and be passionate about, my topic is different from most others . My passion is coding/ software engineering, which I have decided as my main, ideal, goal in life to persue. This passion started in 8th grade when I began toying with "Python", which is a language of coding that is very basic and easy to use. From there I began to further look into it, which started my interest into coding. Then one year later into 9th grade, it is something I want to do as a job, and want to be able to help the community by being helpful with the online world of things.